How do we make learning at Spring Hill Elementary fun and interactive?


We use Kagan Structures!

Kagan Structures are just simple and easy to use teaching techniques or strategies to promote cooperative learning. Visit the Kagan website for more information and ideas.


The Kagan Motto;

“Learn it Today; Use it Tomorrow; Apply it for a Lifetime!”



These are the structures we are learning this year:


September                 Round Robin    Rally Robin


October                     SU HU PU       Rally Coach


November                  Find Someone Who


December                   4 Corners        Match Mine


January                       Numbered Heads


February                     Mix-Pair Share


March                        Round Table      Rally Table


April                          Fan-N-Pick


May                          Quiz-Quiz Trade


Remember to teach your children the cheers we learned at our training session.


Truck driver


Roller coaster                    


Cool dude